“Life For Life” humanitarian project

Life For Life OT301 is a humanitarian project with a focus on promoting movement and social circus to those who need it. We have collaborated/worked/contributed to/with orphanages, street kids, disabled children, and other people in need.

We want to give all people value in society and bring something meaningful to their lives. We bring our experience to contribute something meaningful to remote parts of the world. We believe our skills are a healing tool, connecting and inspiring people to create their own futures. We focus on transitions of experience, turning what can be hard into something better, and bringing hope. We do this by putting a smile on people’s faces, warming hearts, exploring touch, a sense of belonging, security, safety and most of being the catalyst for positive change. So far, we hae taken this project to Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Japan, Australia and Colombia.

Twice a year Movement Academy OT301 organises performances for contributing donations towards equipment for these projects.

We encourage kids towards performance and artistic practise, by promoting creative, useful and practical life skills.

I find it essential to give back to society through my global humanitarian project “Life For Life” in which I teach movement, yoga, circus and holistic massage to street kids, orphanages, and other people in need.

The presence of Monika and Pierre is fantastic for building a fully human character from a different perspective, this is evidenced by skin colour, language, customs and beliefs.

Monika and Pierre teach discipline, focus and enthusiasm through the circus. Nurani Insani students can laugh and joke, the exercises they do that feel strange to be cheerful and do physical exercise, it’s amazing that they both lived a month in Petamburan and have performed at the textile museum and appeared on Jakarta TV. The next visit they lived in the Thamrin City apartment and the students performed at the old city history museum. They are both part of the journey of the Nurani Insani foundation, God willing, from children who are street children, they can realise their dreams of reaching stars in the sky for their future. We miss them now, we are at the Alam Maja School waiting for them to collaborate with the children of poor smallholders like they did in the mining area. We, Mr. Dedi + Mami, are waiting for you in the corner of the village.
Mr. Dedi + Mami
Nurani Insani Foundation – Jakarta, Indonesia

I’d love to share my experiences with Life for Life OT301 Project. It was a long time ago but of course I’ll never forget my mentors Monika and Pierre.

I am glad to have known them. We all had fun during their classes, we learned about yoga, circus, we danced and played games as well – classes never felt boring. We maybe didn’t really understand English at that time but they did a great job with body language in the way they tried to tell us what should we do and what next moves should we try.
I wish Life For Life OT301 Project will come again to Jakarta and train more children.
Thank you Monika and Pierre! Good luck always! Keep it up!
Student at Nurani Insani Foundation – Jakarta, Indonesia

Dear LifeforLife,
I am honoured to write you a letter to express my thanks for your wonderful contribution to Raise The Poor’s projects, with the purpose of helping orphans and poor children who have no access to education in Cambodia.

As you know, RSP has been working on basic education to hundreds of children, but has also introduced livelihood training program, has upheld children’s rights, has constructed schools, libraries, toilets, kitchens, hospitals, clean water supply for daily use and sending students to continue their studies at university, and so on. The Life For Life team group has been working on Movement, Yoga, Sport, Circus, Positive attention, Performance and other activities to help people. That is great and we find that your power energy, knowledge, experience and skill made such an incredible impact on children in Cambodia and it is invaluable for RSP’s projects.
Sareth Brak
Founder and director of Raise The Poor

I want to say thank you so much for coming to see us in Samrong orphanage in Cambodia and teaching about Yoga, circus and massage to me and all the children.

I always remember the feeling when you did massage for me – it felt so good! I think it is very important for people around the world because it helps people to get healthy and release stress. I hope to see you soon again so you can teach us more.
Phnom Penh, Cambodia