I want to believe that people choose to study with me because I don’t treat them like a number, because of the different ambiance or attention I offer, or perhaps it’s the years of experience and time doing my craft, or maybe even because they like the idea of understanding how to train the body. We all need to take care of ourselves – our emotions, nutrition, breathing and posture. This is really different to the ‘gym culture’ we have today and is better achieved in a community.

Monika Stepak

Welcome to our community, our DNA is one of togetherness, nourishment and positivity. The Movement Academy, Youth Circus and Life for Life projects are more than a movement school — we pride ourselves on being a community.

This goes beyond circus culture or movement skills and training. We also like to create the right supportive atmosphere, and help tackle whatever else is going on in people’s lives. We embrace diversity of movement, and promote a healthy culture of self-discovery. It allows us all to support, learn from, and grow alongside each other. While everyone is part of our OT301 community, in classes people are treated as individuals according to ability, capacity, and their motivation on that day.

Inspiring a healthy motivation for weekly community-based training brings structure and routine to people, as well as the satisfying fluidity of the movement and skill development in itself.

Our community evolves with the needs of our students. We embrace a mix of different generations (with no age limit or health limits), backgrounds, and nationalities. Most people who join classes then become an active part of the community for many years. Students will grow and their lives change, and in the end many bring their own kids to train and participate with them. In this way we are able to enrich everyone and keep things varied, interesting and dynamic — evolving with the needs of our students.

Community focus and goals

  • Support
  • Living better
  • Joyful living
  • Awareness of the global situation and our place in it

The silks gave me the wings I never had. The silks give wings to the people who dare ride them

Before I met Monika and the movement academy classes, I thought you could only fly in dreams and stories, ever since I first saw a performance with silks I’ve been fascinated by it and still am. I’ve learnt a lot, not only how to do tricks in the air, dance and act, but also express myself through movement, hard work and to explore myself. Overall being myself and not giving up (she often won’t even let us give up!). She is very inspiring. Monika is one of my heroes and always will be.

We’re happy to have found Monika and her movement academy classes.

Our children have been with Monika for 5 years now and they enjoy her classes very much. We value Monika’s presence in the children’s lives, she’s very inspiring and they feel her support and care. Monika creates an enriching and diverse environment where everybody is welcome to express themselves and grow as an artist and as a human being. Thank you Monika.
Cristela and Eduardo

Monika is very positive, delightful and encouraging.

She is very careful helping us find our place in the group. Monika teaches us how important it is to warm up well and always be safe. Her Camps are really cool!!
Celia Pilko
9 years old

I really like Scorpion and climbing! Monika is super nice!

Leonard Pilko
5 years old

It’s fascinating how skilfully Monika handles the breadth of personal needs of her students, regardless of age or experience.

She is very focused and extremely quick to anticipate and react as needed. Monika is not just an excellent trainer, she is a very inspiring, warm and good person. Attending her activities is in many ways rewarding and enriching!
Michael Hofstoetter
48 years old

My 8-year-old joined one of Monika’s groups in September last year and I can honestly say it’s one of the best things he’s ever been involved in.

The classes and activities are brilliant and he has grown so strong physically. Although he’s not naturally acrobatic he has learned so much and can do more than he ever imagined. His confidence and courage have soared! But perhaps of the greatest value is the influence of Monika herself. She is a wonderful teacher, kind, gentle, and strong. She is also really inspirational and a great role model for all the kids. My kid has thrived since he’s been around her and he has really blossomed having her as part of his life. We cannot recommend Monika highly enough!
Jane C