Monika Stepak is a creator in many fields, all of which have people, creative community and wellbeing at their heart.

Everything I do, all my practices, are all just instruments to awaken and keep the connection, enthusiasm and gratitude to life. They help to create a vitality that has breath at its core. Everything is an opportunity to learn to overcome and stay positive. To create a meaningful existence and see the value in living. Those things I’ve learned from my teachers over many years, I now combine and use as a functional system for creative energy in movement.

Monika Stepak

Artistic Timeline

Journey through experience / The Journey from 1995 to today…

Moved from Poland to Amsterdam. Interview with Z magazine about my first years in the city.
1995 – 2005
Part of the social circus programme organised by Cirque du Monde/Cirque du Soleil hosted in Circus Elleboog, Amsterdam.
Graduated from the Dutch Professional School for Meiso Shiatsu, affiliated with the Free University Okido Mikkyò Yoga based in Italy, where I deepened my studies in Therapy and Education for Health and Human Evolution. After my studies I became a staff member at the school and have been a massage therapist ever since.
Started DJ-ing as DJ Power Vs Power and became involved with independent radio stations. i have performed across Europe and the Netherlands at various festivals and events, and am a well-known organiser of electronic music nights and multi-disciplinary art performances.
An active member of the artistic/cultural living/working international OT301 EHBK (first help by art) community based in Amsterdam.
Founded Youth Circus OT301, an international, family-orientated social circus community offering the full experience of circus and its skills, to youth ranging from young children to teenagers and their families in Amsterdam.
Started teaching aerial acrobatics and social circus to everyone from children to adults. Since this time, I have actively taught my own classes, holiday camps and workshops in the Netherlands and abroad.
Started training to become a teacher of Okido Yoga (dynamic/holistic Yoga from Japan) in Oki Yoga Dojo Nederland. In 2011 I completed studies to become a fully certified practitioner.
Opened the Movement Academy at OT301, a community that embodies many movement disciplines. These invite individuals to experience different forms of nourishment for body and health through movement, all of which are beneficial in life.
Started my own independent record label, Power Vs Power Records and have released 7 records to date.
2011 – today
Continuously studying Medical Thai Massage, travelling to Asia yearly to upgrade my expertise and experience.
Launched Life for Life, a humanitarian project with a focus on bringing movement and social circus to those who need it. This project has collaborated and donated to orphanages, street kids, disabled children, and other people in need.

All of these experiences and professional milestones are only part of my journey, and they all carry on to today. All are yearly updated and daily practised.

Everything I learned in my life, I learned because I decided to try something new.

David Lynch