Currently I am giving weekly Okido Yoga and Meiso Shiatsu classes at Okido Yoga Dojo Amsterdam. During these classes I would like to share with you the simple, practical yet effective body/mind techniques which I’ve been learning since 1997.

  • Dynamic and static – depending on condition and health needs of participants.
  • Those classes are open to anyone who wishes to discover powerful tools for healing oneself and other people.
  • Simple, direct techniques for improving one’s health, daily life and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Suitable for curious beginners, as well as experienced yoga practitioners.
  • Breathing, flexibility, coordination, balance, mobility, corrective exercises, healing and self-care.

Classes are every Wednesday 9:30 till 11:00 until 10 July and from 17 September until 11 December at Okido Yoga Dojo, Van Ostadestraat 387, Amsterdam. Maximum 10 participants per class.

Prices – € 150 for 10 lessons, € 64 for 4 lessons, € 16 for one lesson.
Contact me at to book classes or private sessions.

This was my first time joining a yoga class, and Monika’s class was absolute game changer for both my mind and body. The way she effortlessly weaved together movements and mindfulness was like a soothing symphony that helped me sync up with my breath and discover a whole new level of calm. This class had it all – strength, flexibility, and a sense of Zen that left me counting down the days until the next session. Seriously, if you’re up for yoga experience that’ll totally transform you, Monika’s class is an adventure you can’t miss out on!

Mimi Shiota

Session with Monika was my first introduction to Shiatsu treatment. Her energy was so gentle, i felt nourished and absolutely cared for. Never had a massage experience left me so aligned afterwords.Great Yoga session. Monika, you are skillful at creating an environment that is relaxing and encouraging.

Chi Bùi

Your classes are great, fun and spontaneous. I have enjoyed the variety and your style.

Great Yoga session. Monika, you are skillful at creating an environment that is relaxing and encouraging. Love your vibration and kindness!

Adam Hoang

I’ve got a huge amount out of your classes its positive effects seep into other parts of my life and help me enjoy the here and now, myself, my body and friends more.