I am a certified and experienced practitioner in holistic therapies. Since 1997 I have studied internationally in Japan, Europe, Thailand and Australia with leading masters in different dojos, including close one-to-one study of healing techniques from blind teachers well-known in the community for their expertise and research.

My philosophy is that there is ‘health in movement’ and breath is at the core of my healing work. My specialities include the release of tension and pain management, range of movement studies, energetic harmonisation, joint articulation and massage.

People often have persisting body challenges and injuries, things which I want to help them overcome so they can continue to move freely throughout their lives.

My therapeutic skills include…

I have trained and studied with Monika in Italy, Netherlands and Japan, giving and receiving shiatsu treatment since 2007. Monika is a human being who cares deeply about the wellbeing of others in treatment and bodywork.

She is an accomplished Meiso Shiatsu Practitioner with a capacity to ‘read‘ pain/discomfort/congestion in a patient‘s body and has a wide range of skills to use in treatment. Monika is a practitioner whom I seek out for personal treatment. Her skills in treatment include release of tension and pain management, range of movement studies, energetic harmonisation, joint articulation and massage. Monika’s extensive training in Okido Yoga and Meiso Shiatsu has supported her capacity to teach groups in aerial trapeze, circus skills and confidence-building movement which can change a person’s life. She exhibits a great sense of humour, connection with others, humility and knowledge when she leads a group. Monika’s work with youth and street kids in various countries of the world is inspiring and needed. Any way you can support her efforts is a positive contribution to humanity. Before I met Monika and the Movement Academy classes, I thought you could only fly in dreams and stories, ever since I first saw a performance with silks I’ve been fascinated by it and still am. I’ve learnt a lot, not only how to do tricks in the air, dance and act, but also express myself through movement, hard work and to explore myself. Overall being myself and not giving up (she often won’t even let us give up!). She is very inspiring. Monika is one of my heroes and always will be.
Linda Rago
Australian Meiso Shiatsu Practitioner

I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with Monika with her shiatsu informed bodywork. As a healer she has given me massages that are specific to my needs with her mind focused on my body with touch.

And with her creative movement area where she has attended my workshops and has joined with Sunday sessions. It is inspiring to work with someone who has combined healing with creative performance work melding diverse disciplines and principles into a clear and focused art form.
Katie Duck

Monika you have touched and moved the closed mind, the stiff organs, the heavy back and sad womb.
Thank you!


Lieve Monika. Thanx a lot! It was really good, especially for my shoulder… didn’t have any pain anymore after the treatment! Feel looser and more flexible.